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Topping Out

Timber framing traditions

No one’s really sure where it comes from but there is a long tradition in this country of “topping out” a newly erected frame by attaching an oak branch to the top of the ridge.

Whether you believe in such rituals or not, it always feels like a moment to reflect on the contribution (both real and spiritual) of the natural world and trees in particular to our lives. It’s great to be reminded that only 3 months previously, an oak frame was a living, breathing group of 80 yr old trees.

This is also our chance to thank Claire for her hard work over the Summer months and we send her back to Brittany with our best wishes. She stayed on an extra week to see the Gloucester frame go up which was above and beyond the call of duty, and gave her the final honour of “topping out” .

There wasn’t on oak tree within a mile of the site so we used a branch from an ancient Medlar tree in the garden instead. It felt like the right thing to do.

Topping Out - Oak Frame